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Made in America: Engineer Assistant, Theresa (Terry) Olson

September 27, 2012
Filed in: Made in USA: Filson Employees

At Filson, “Might as Well Have the Best” doesn’t stop at the product– we’ve got the most talented team of employees around that live and breathe  Filson in and out of the offices. Today we chat with one of our newest employees,  Engineer Assistant, Theresa (Terry) Olson. If there’s a department you’d like to see interviewed, leave us a comment below!

How long have you been with Filson:

Terry Olson, Filson Engineer Assistant

Terry Olson, Filson Engineer Assistant

4.5 months

What do you do on a typical work day:

I work with operators on problems they are having sewing garments.  That can range from what they may see as an issue with a pattern to a question about how to sew something together. I also work with Pattern makers on how they can make the patterns so they can best be sewn by the operators.   I am sort of an in-between person between the production workers and the designers. I also work on the technical documents that are necessary for production.  I rarely sit at my desk – I am usually out on the floor, measuring something or cutting things up.

What makes working at Filson different than other places: 

This place is constantly in motion. I NEVER am at a loss for what to do.  In a way it is like my previous career as a public defender.  I have different people coming at me (operators, pattern makers, cutters . . . just like my clients, prosecutors, judges) and I try to find a way to get everybody to find a place where they can meet. It may mean the pattern needs to change or the operators have to learn a new skill. I try to find the place where that can be done while achieving the objective to keep Filson goods high quality and delivered on time.

What is your favorite product:

So far, the oil cloth denim. I have my eye on the jacket we are getting ready to bring to production because one of them will end up in my closet!

What is one of your most memorable stories in your Filson gear: 

Many years ago I was dating a guy who had a Filson jacket. He was a big fan of the Austin Powers movies and he had been given a mini-me doll as a gift. I came down here and asked for some extra fabric and Filson was nice enough to give me some. I made a mini version of a Filson jacket for Mini me. It is so good it is creepy. When my boyfriend was not around and just the doll was, it was like a mini clone of him.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Seattle or the Pacific Northwest region?

Outside, I ride my bike. I am on a bike racing team and I ride all over the place.

What’s coming up at Filson that you’re excited about: 

Continuing to assist in the process of designing and manufacturing things in the USA.  My apparel design background is mostly in overseas production and it is great to have the folks who are making what we design yards away. But there are also unique problems that come with that.

Thanks, Terry!

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