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Lesson learned

October 24, 2011
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Steve Chase tells the story of one cold duck hunting day when his Filson kept him warm and dry while his friends hung their clothes to dry for hours.

During the last days of duck hunting season in NC, my buddies and I headed into the Pamlico Sound. The weather was bad – blowing hard, raining/snowing sideways, and COLD. All the newest technical gear was out, and as usual, I took a ribbing for being a Filson poster child, wearing “old” technology. My waterfowl coat, waterfowl sweater and double hunting bibs have been a mainstay for hunting out of a boat for years. As the day progressed I listened to radio chatter about packing it in due to being soaked. The other hunters in our boat weren’t enjoying the day, shivering, wet and thinking more about going in than shooting ducks. When we returned to camp, everyone had their outerwear, clothes and long johns hanging to dry. As I walked in, I took off my jacket, totally dry and warm, and watched the mouths drop. My Filson gear had out-performed the latest and greatest, kept me dry, kept me warm, and was ready to go again. I smile as I see more and more Filson show up on our hunts. While there’s often a new material, latest fabric, or amazing technology in camp, I continue to see Filson gear pulled out of the truck when it’s time to go. I still get ribbed about being the Filson poster child, but when the weather turns, and it’s rain, wind, snow and ice, the lesson learned is that Filson weathers the storm….


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