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Double Tin Legacy

June 3, 2011
Filed in: Hunting

Riley Dabling shares an incredible story of how Filson became a part of his life through his grandfather’s family traditions and outdoor way of life. Now, Riley carries one of his grandfather’s traditions everywhere with him when he wears his Double Tin Pants. Riley sincerely looks forward to when he can pass on the Filson memory to the next generation.

When I was a small boy we spent all of our time in the woods and mountains on horse back. Either hunting for elk and deer or packing into a remote lake for fishing. Many of these trips were with my grandfather at the lead of the column. He always had three things with him on all these trips, his 45 pistol strapped to his hip his pipe stick in the corner of his mouth and his Filson double tin pants. He swore by all three things being a must for any pack trip. I remember those pants how they looked so tough and rugged from all the miles that he put on them he never went into the back country without hem on. Now he is gone but his pants pipe and pistol all continue to ride the hard trails of the west. And these pants are still going strong today. They are one of my prized possessions of his that I got. I have the feeling that I might be able to pass them on some day as well.

Thanks for sharing your story, Riley!


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