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  • Filson 101: Bird Dog Training with Ruggs Ranch
  • Filson 101: Wesley Larson's Guide to Safety in Bear Country
  • Celebrating our Partners: Explore the Wickett & Craig Tannery
  • Filson 101: Campfire Cooking with Tipton Power
  • Celebrating Filson Father's with Jillian Lukiwski
  • Chasing Wild Winter Steelhead with Russell Miller from Sage Fly Fishing
  • Life as a Merchant Marine with John Dunaway
  • Aboard the F/V Arctic Lady: Self-Sufficiency on the High Seas
  • Trade Stories: Phillip Lee McGinnis, Sublette County Cowboy
  • A story about an all women's upland bird hunting trip and a common desire to live a life connected told by Hannah Dewey.
  • Hunting in the Olympic National Forest

 Filson 101: Bird Dog Training with Ruggs Ranch

Gene Barnhart of Ruggs Ranch has been training world-class bird dogs for over forty-five years. Gene's love of working dogs runs deep, and he's handled them his entire life, hunting Beagles in his early years and then moving to Pointers. Now, you'll find Gene at Ruggs, training and conditioning over forty hunting dogs. Ensure success in the field this year using his dog training primer below.

First things first: your dog must have a good quality food to do a good job in the field. 
If they are working hard in the field, the right mix is 30% protein and 20% fat. You will need to use less protein and fat if they are an occasional hunter. Watch their weight, too fat of a dog will not be able to ...Read More

Trade Stories: Soledad, Wildlife Service Dog

Nils Pedersen is a bear biologist at the Wind River Bear Institute. Soledad, a 6-year-old Karelian Bear Dog, is always by his side. Together they work to resolve bear/human conflicts across North America, and are now pioneering the application of Wildlife Service Dogs for detecting polar and grizzly bear dens in the Arctic. Below, learn more about Soledad and how this ancient dog breed was chosen for bear-conflict work due to an innate hunting drive and unique ability to shepherd bears.

Soledad is a 6-year-old Karelian Bear Dog working as a Wildlife Service Dog for the Wind River Bear Institute. Born in Florence, MT, she was the only puppy born of her litter earning her the name "Soledad", me...Read More

Filson 101: Wesley Larson's Guide to Safety in Bear Country

Wesley Larson is a Missoula, Montana native who has been working with Dr. Tom Smith of Brigham Young University for five years as a bear biologist. He has spent multiple field seasons studying denning polar bears on Alaska’s North Slope, as well as black bears within the Bryce Canyon National Park area. Here are his three rules for preventing or controlling a potentially dangerous bear encounter. Download your own printable poster here.

Bears are majestic, powerful animals that have histories steeped in myth and legend. Seeing them in the wild is a privilege. If you are prepared for an encounter, you may be able to observe an emblem of the wilderness without fear, but with the respect and awe...
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Celebrating the National Parks Centennial: Elliot Ross and the Range of Light

Elliot Ross
is a New York City based freelance photographer. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, his interest for the photographic medium, for far flung places, and for observing the effects of isolation on interpersonal relationships developed during his upbringing in rural Northeast Colorado. He holds a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. His work has been widely published, with notable appearances in National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian, Refinery29, Vice and the The Atlantic. His daily updates can be found on his Instagram here.

Below, follow Elliot on an eight day trek through the backcountry brilliance of Yosemite, guided by the words of noted conservationist John Muir.

On this day...

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In Pursuit of Wildfire: Capturing California's Harshest Forest Fires with Stuart Palley

When a wildfire erupts, Californian photojournalist Stuart Palley runs towards the blaze, not away. With an unbending eagerness for capturing the lives of those who protect and maintain our forests, the photographer makes daring and captivating imagery of an experience few will ever face. Below, follow Stuart in to the flames.

Forest fires, brush fires, wildfires, in the wilderness and on the border of cities. From the hills of Lake County in the northern California to the US-Mexico border, if there’s a large fire, odds are I’m making pictures of it, documenting the drought and climate in the American West. I prefer to work at night, when there’s less media around, and I can work with the st...Read More

Celebrating our Partners: Explore the Wickett & Craig Tannery

Located on more than 16 acres of land in Curwensville, Pennsylvania, Wickett and Craig are one of the last specialty tanneries still operating in the U.S.A. Since 1867, Wickett & Craig have specialized in the labor and time-intensive method of vegetable tanning, a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, distinctive leathers recognized for their depth of color and rich patina. Below, take a tour through the extensive Wickett & Craig tannery, and learn more about our storied partnership.

Photography and video courtesy of Andrew David Watson.

Filson's unique partnership with Wickett & Craig is built upon 20 years of collaboration and has brought together some of the most knowledgeabl...

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Filson 101: Campfire Cooking with Tipton Power

Tipton Power has worked on rivers for the last 16 years. He started out as a guide doing fishing and raft trips, and now works as a river ranger on the desert rivers of southwest Idaho. During the off-season, he and his wife operate a small blueberry farm in western Washington. He spends his free time fishing, floating, and riding snowboards. Amongst the dense greenery of the Hoh Rainforest in Washington State, Tipton shares the basics of cooking with a Dutch oven and details three of his favorite campfire recipes. 

The Dutch oven has been the ware of choice in outdoor kitchens for hundreds of years. It’s simple and versatile. It works as a pot, a deep fry pan, and you can make just about any...Read More

Celebrating Filson Fathers with Cody Humphrey

Cody Humphrey grew up in Hermiston, Oregon helping out on his family's farm from the age of nine. As a young man, he spent his days alongside his father bucking hay, changing irrigation pipes, and tending to animals, learning to appreciate discipline and hardwork as lifetime values. Cody comes from a long line of farmers and as Father's Day approaches, we reached out to him to describe his memories of the outdoors formed with his Dad, who worked with him on the farm and also brought him to the mountains to hunt and fish.

I have been blessed to have a loving father that was such a great role model in mine and my brother’s life. Since I was 2 years old, my dad has had me with him hunting and fi...Read More

Celebrating Filson Fathers with Chuck Ragan

Chuck Ragan is a family man, an outdoorsman, craftsman and musician. From The Blanco River in Texas, the woods and water of Eastern Tennessee, North Georgia, the marsh and bayou of Southwest Louisiana and the salt and freshwater of Florida, Ragan was raised chasing fish, game and adventures in the outdoors while at the same time, sharing music worldwide from an early age.  Ragan relocated to Northern California in 2007 where he continued his career in music, found peace in the foothills, lakes and rivers and has begun raising a family. As Father's Day approaches, we reached out to Chuck to discuss his new role as a father, a challenge he couldn't be more excited to take on.

When I stop long e...

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Celebrating Filson Fathers with Jillian Lukiwski

Jillian Lukiwski, also known as The Noisy Plume, describes herself as a gregarious hermit, bohemian redneck, silversmith, and photographer and writer in the interior West. As Father's Day approaches, we reached out to her to describe her memories of the outdoors formed with her Dad, who worked in the National Parks of Canada when she was growing up.



My father and I trailer two horses to Birdtail Bridge. I am six years old. We ride into a backcountry camp so my father can check on some hikers. When we arrive, I can see they are romanced by his mustache, uniform and tall sorrel gelding. They are also obviously charmed by me, perched like a tenacious burr on my palomino.


I dismount and walk ar...

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