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  • Learn more about Elliot Anderson and his dreams of the Iditarod in the latest Filson Life
  • Emmy Award-winning Photographer Tanner documents the sharp contrasts of landscapes like Iceland and the Andes.
  • Trade Stories: Basket Weaving with Bernadine Phillips
  • Hunting in the Olympic National Forest
  • Fly Fishing on the Outlaw Trail

Behind the Book: Elliot Anderson Dreams of the Iditarod

Born in the heart of dairy farming country, Elliot Anderson (better known as "El"), was raised hunting, trapping and fishing in the north woods of Wisconsin. El’s father David imparted romantic tales of Robert Services’ writings into his childhood. Sharing legends of gold, mountain men, and remnants from his own Alaskan days, David created a magnetic pull towards the life of an outdoorsman that El would never shake. Now, El has been drawn to the Iditarod; one of the most revered races in the world. In this Filson Life article, learn more about the man, El, who appears alongside his crew in the November Filson catalog.


Words and revisions by Elliot Anderson, Shivani Kakde and Kimberly White.


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Trade Stories: Aleph Geddis, Wood Sculptor

Aleph Geddis, a wood sculptor from Orcas Island, WA, has spent the last four months in his carving shed working on a one-of-a-kind piece of art for our upcoming flagship retail store in Seattle. Utilizing hand-made tools and an unique style formed through an appreciation of North West Coast Native Art and travels around the world, Aleph, with the help of his carving team, has created a 18.5-ft testament to the wild spirit of the Northwest. We took a trip to visit him at his carving shed and find out more about his creative process, and what exactly went in to this particular piece.

How long have you been working with and carving wood?

I started carving seriously a little over 20 years ago as a...

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Fire and Ice: 3 Months Traveling with Photographer Tanner Wendell

Tanner Wendell Stewart is a Seattle-based Emmy Award winning photographer, born and raised in the small town of Enterprise, Oregon. He moved to Seattle in 2006 to more fervently pursue a career in photography, but the years spent among open plains, pristine lakes, and stitch-work mountain ridges, alongside his small community of friends in Enterprise developed in Tanner a love for capturing the beauty of nature, and a deep appreciation for the warmth of people and the value of relationships. It is these things that he tries to capture in every frame.


Over the last three months, I have taken my Filson ge­ar around the world. I started on my first adventure in Yosemite National Park, three wee...

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Trade Stories: Basket Weaving with Bernadine Phillips

Using the ancient methods created by the Okanogan-Wenatchi bands of the Colville Tribe, Bernadine Phillips handcrafts coiled cedar root, bear grass and wild cherry bark baskets. She has always had deft hands, beginning with years of traditional beadwork before learning coil weave basketry from her family. She searches the mountains for her materials, then prepares baskets over several weeks or months for use in berry picking. We had a moment to catch up with Bernadine near her home in Omak, Washington, and learn more about this inspiring art form.

How long have you been working with basket weaving and other traditional crafting methods?

I learned to make the coiled cedar root baskets about 22 ...

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Guinevere's First Grouse: Learning to Hunt in the Olympic National Forest

Patrick Colleran has spent summers exploring the Wilderness of Oregon, Montana, and Idaho as a Wilderness Ranger and backpacking guide. Alison Riley is a former hiking and rafting guide who had more bird dogs than friends growing up in rural Vermont. It wasn’t until right before Guinevere, the 11-month old Wiredhaired Pointing Griffon was born, that they started bringing shotguns into the mountains to hunt birds. Recently moving to Port Townsend from Missoula, MT, the three of them have been exploring their new backyard and learning how to hunt the elusive forest grouse of the Olympic mountains.


Much of the Olympic range is protected as Wilderness either managed by the National Park Service ...

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Fly Fishing on the Outlaw Trail with Michael Cevoli

Photography by Michael Cevoli. Michael is a commercial and documentary photographer. A graduate with honors of both the bachelor’s and the master’s program at the Rhode Island School of Design, he lives in southern New England.  Words by Grant Smith. Born in Butte, Montana, raised in the prairies nearConrad, Montana, and pursued his secondary education in Rhode Island. Hehas worked as a small-town newspaper editor, a commercial fisherman, and afarm hand. Mike Cevoli and I have always embraced the harsher aspects of life. This shared pursuit of adversity formed our friendship. During late night conversations in dank Rhode Island bars we bonded over tales of personal failures and shared anecdo...Read More

Trade Stories: Robb Gray, Knife Maker

After a childhood spent being fascinated by knives, Robb Gray of Graycloud Designs in Seattle now lives his dream as a knife maker. His knives are shaped and built for ergonomic utility. Some of them are finished by using a simple compliment of materials, while others become luxuriously embellished with hand-engraved patterns and gemstones set into the handles. Not surprisingly, the outdoorsman, originally from Idaho Falls, believes they should all nonetheless be "...fully used in the field."   In collaboration with Filson, his co-branded collection includes three knives for the sporting man: the Scout, the Outdoorsman, the Fillet knife, and the Alaska King Salmon Fillet.



How long have you...

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Fly Fishing the Yuba River with Chuck Ragan

Chuck Ragan is a family man, an outdoorsman, craftsman and musician.  From The Blanco River in Texas, the woods and water of Eastern Tennessee, North Georgia, the marsh and bayou of Southwest Louisiana and the salt and freshwater of Florida, Ragan was raised chasing fish, game and adventures in the outdoors while at the same time, sharing music worldwide from an early age.  Ragan relocated to Northern California in 2007 where he continued his career in music, found peace in the foothills, lakes and rivers and has begun raising a family.  As a newly licensed fishing guide, Ragan guides part time for the non profit organization Cast Hope to share his passion for the outdoors, fly fishing and t...Read More

Start the Summer: Enter to Win a Filson Gift Package

THE CONTEST IS OVER: CRAIG H. WAS OUR WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS CRAIG! Here’s your chance to win our Start the Summer gift package featuring a Filson Zippered Tote Bag, a Great American Flask from Jacob Bromwell and a bottle of Westland Distillery’s Flagship American Single Malt Whiskey.  To enter:1. Follow @Filson1897 and @JacobBromwell on Instagram.2. Then, leave a comment below on this photo and tag a friend that you think would be interested in the contest. One randomly chosen comment will win the entire gift package. 

#GIVEAWAY: Here’s your chance to win our Start the Summer gift package featuring a Filson Zippered Tote Bag, a Great American Flask from @JacobBromwell and a bottle of @westl...

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In the Woods with a Purpose: Shed Hunting with Elias Carlson

Searching for the shed antlers of elk, deer and moose is another way to add to the enjoyment of exploring the wild. In this Filson Life photo essay, Elias Carlson reminisces about how he got hooked on shed hunting near Priest Lake, Idaho.Elias is a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Theresa is his wife, partner-in-crime, and an incredible adventure buddy. She also happens to be pretty handy with a camera. See more of their work on or on Instagram (@eliascarlson / @theresacarlson). Steve, lifelong best-friend of my father-in-law, is my kind of guy: laid-back, clever in an understated way, and easy to get along with. The kind of person you become friends with effortl...Read More

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