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  • Chasing Wild Winter Steelhead with Russell Miller from Sage Fly Fishing
  • Life as a Merchant Marine with John Dunaway
  • Aboard the F/V Arctic Lady: Self-Sufficiency on the High Seas
  • Trade Stories: Phillip Lee McGinnis, Sublette County Cowboy
  • A story about an all women's upland bird hunting trip and a common desire to live a life connected told by Hannah Dewey.
  • Hunting in the Olympic National Forest

Trade Stories: Exploring the American West with Painter Nicholas Coleman

Nicholas Coleman was born in Provo, Utah in 1978.  Brought up in an artistic home, Coleman has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember. Coleman has found much of his inspiration in his travels across North America, Canada, Europe and even into Africa. Hunting and fishing along the way his interest often include exploring hidden streams and valleys looking for signs of wildlife. He gained an appreciation for the subtle details hidden in plain sight. In his own words he wants to "preserve the heritage of the American West."



How did you start painting Nicholas?


I have fond memories of visiting my dad’s studio at a very early age and begging him to let me paint on his paintings...

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Trade Stories: Eric Blinman, Archaeologist

Eric Blinman has been an archaeologist for nearly 50 years. He has worked throughout the western United States but has focused on the greater Southwest since 1979. Working for the Museum of New Mexico’s contract archaeology program since 1988, he is the current director of the office, overseeing salvage archaeology projects that deal with all periods of New Mexico history, from ice age hunters to the building of the first atomic bomb.


His personal research interests are the cultural diversity of Southwestern peoples, climate change and its impacts on ancient economies and societies, ancient pottery and yucca textile technologies, archaeomagnetic dating, and most recently the development of l...

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The Cosmos and the Desert: Thosh Collins' Western Photography

Anthony "Thosh" Collins has spent the last eighteen years documenting and sharing the beauty, strength, intelligence, and resiliency of the Native cultures of the West and their unique landscapes. Rooted in his O'Odham heritage, a tribe from Salt River, Arizona, he utilizes photography to promote a positive image of Indigenous people and the land they inhabit. Thosh was featured in the April Filson Catalog, you can find more of his work here.


Photographs are like entities. In my 18 years as a photographer, I have witnessed many things that these entities can do. Some are powerful, igniting social consciousness on a global scale. At their best, they have the ability to instill feelings of hop...

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Chasing Wild Winter Steelhead with Russell Miller from Sage Fly Fishing


Russell Miller is the Marketing Coordinator for Sage and RIO Fly Fishing products, as well as a member of Team USA Fly Fishing. In the latest Filson Life, follow along as he recaps the extremes of the wild winter Steelhead season in the Northwest. If you're an angler, now is the time to get ready for the spring fishing season. Visit the Filson Flagship store in Seattle for a great selection of rods and reels from Sage, and head over to our events page to sign-up for upcoming in-store events to learn more about fishing in the great Northwest.



To put it simply, springtime on the coast is magical. The air is warm, you can smell new life budding out everywhere, and wild steelhead are running i...

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Life As A Merchant Marine with John Dunaway

With oceans that refuse to relinquish any of their might regardless of our technological advances, the modern sailor continues to face the same elements which all that have sailed upon her waters have ever seen. “We must always remember that the sea is no respector of ships or person. The sea is always ready, at the first sign of failure, to rush in and destroy the very craft it so readily supports upon the surface of the water.”1 Merchant mariners, both on deck and below in the engine room, know that once land falls below the horizon, they are left to their own skills and tools for prosperity and safety.


John Dunaway has spent the last 8.5 years in the U.S. Merchant Marine sailing across th...

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Shipbuilding in the Pacific Northwest with Haven Boatworks


There is a rich history of maritime pursuits in the foggy inlets and jagged shorelines of Washington State. From the hand-carved canoes of the Pacific Northwest’s original settlers to the welded aluminum hulls of modern fishermen, the shipbuilders and sailors of this region are known for resiliency at sea. Nowadays, many of the boatyards along Washington's coast have become specialized in traditional wooden boat building and repairs, unlike many East Coast counterparts. Areas like Port Townsend are well-known for this unique skill set, drawing more wooden boats there for repairs, and creating jobs for talented shipwrights in the region. Many of these skilled shipwrights work at Haven Boatwo...

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Living the Filson Life: Experiencing the Iditarod®


During the ceremonial start of the Iditarod®, the city of Anchorage comes alive. Thousands of Alaskan Huskies fill the streets, eager racers prepare their teams, and a few lucky people get to experience the race themselves by riding in the seat of a musher's dog sled. In February, Filson ran a contest to celebrate the race, and offer one of these Iditarider experiences to a very lucky fan. The winner of our contest, Donzi K. from California, got to travel to Alaska to enjoy the festivities and travel by dog sled for miles. Below, she shares her experience with us, as an Iditarider and a first time visitor to Alaska.



I'm from California. I live in the small town of Ojai. It's probably not t...

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Fish-Work: An Interview with Commercial Fisherman and Photographer Corey Arnold


Corey Arnold is a fine art photographer based in Portland, Oregon. His work examines man’s relationship with the natural world including animals, food production, and environmental issues. Since 2002, he has photographed his life at sea working as a Bering Sea Crab fisherman and documented his summers captaining a sockeye salmon fishing boat in Alaska. In the off-season he continues to explore the world’s commercial fisheries in an ongoing project entitled Fish-Work. His photographs have been exhibited worldwide and published in Harpers, The New Yorker, New York Times LENS, Art Ltd, Rolling Stone, Time, Outside, National Geographic, Mare and The Paris Review among others. Corey has publishe...

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Aboard the F/V Arctic Lady: Self-Sufficiency on the High Seas

On the open ocean, there is no room for error. Traveling hundreds of miles from port, crews aboard commercial fishing vessels face an endless onslaught of crashing waves and rough weather with only their experience in repairs and diligence in maintenance to ensure a safe return. On-board the 133-foot F/V Arctic Lady, every crew member is expected to pull their own weight —and then some. This means dedication day-and-night during the frenetic fishing season to keep the boat clean, serviced, and ready for anything the Bering Sea can throw at them.


On the open ocean, there is no room for error.



The Arctic Lady is propelled through heavy weather by two 3412 Caterpillar engines, powered by two 3...

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Trade Stories: Rich, The Bouncer at the Norwegian Rat

Perched in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, Dutch Harbor has been owned by Russia, settled by gold rush prospectors, fortified by the U.S. Navy, bombed during World War II and now, made famous by reality TV. Surrounded by the Bering Sea, one of the most productive fisheries in the world, this noteworthy area attracts hard working individuals from all over the world. Rich, the bouncer for the local bar the Norwegian Rat, followed this same path; navigating to this remote island in Unalaska to earn extra money before returning home to California. We had a chance to catch up with him over a refreshing Adios M.F., one of the saloons de facto drink specialities, as he worked the door late on a Sa...
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