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Filson Made in the USA

Made in USA

Here at Filson, we are making ongoing efforts to produce and buy American made goods.

In today's world it's hard to find in our country all the materials and factories we need in order to deliver the top grade quality and construction we expect in every Filson product. We make everything that we can here in our factory in Seattle, but what our people and equipment cannot make in Seattle, we are committed to partnering as much as we can with other American producers. Our efforts are paying off. You'll find more Made in USA products in this catalog than ever. And you'll keep finding even more.

That's the Filson commitment.
View the Oil Finish Field Bag-Medium
  • 242
  • 001
  • 341
  • 410
Oil Finish Field Bag-Medium
Style #70112 Made in USA
The perfect field bag for demanding field use in wet conditions
$192.00 $99.90
View the Shooting Shirt-Right Handed
  • 245
  • 248
Shooting Shirt-Right Handed
Style #12030 Made in USA
A shooting shirt designed for right handed shooters
$172.00 $89.90
View the Greenwood Wool Jacket
  • 345
  • 001
  • 010
Greenwood Wool Jacket
Style #10202 Made in USA
A stylish, heavy wool jacket lined with soft moleskin for luxurious warmth
$490.00 $259.90
View the Jacobson Flake Sea Salt
  • 002
Jacobson Flake Sea Salt
Style #69187 Made in USA
Top quality sea salt to season any table
$14.00 $9.90
View the Chelan Folding Side Table
  • 877
Chelan Folding Side Table
Style #69184 Made in USA
A truly portable wooden camp table that’s built to last
$150.00 $99.90
View the Shooting Shirt-Left Handed
  • 245
  • 248
Shooting Shirt-Left Handed
Style #12031 Made in USA
Our famed shooting shirt now designed for left handed shooters
$172.00 $89.90
View the Chelan Stool
  • 341
Chelan Stool
Style #69185 Made in USA
A lightweight ash stool that folds flat for easy carrying
$62.00 $39.90
View the Fishing Knife Set
  • 001
Fishing Knife Set
Style #69190 Made in USA
Two beveled knives with non-slip handles for kitchen and camp
$110.00 $69.90
View the Jacobson Salt Slide Tin
  • 040
Jacobson Salt Slide Tin
Style #69186 Made in USA
Gourmet salt on the go, in a multi-purpose travel tin
$3.00 $1.90

Our Guarantee for Over 100 Years Has Never Changed

"We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction." — Clinton C. Filson, 1897

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