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Filson Made in the USA

Made in USA

Here at Filson, we are making ongoing efforts to produce and buy American made goods.

In today's world it's hard to find in our country all the materials and factories we need in order to deliver the top grade quality and construction we expect in every Filson product. We make everything that we can here in our factory in Seattle, but what our people and equipment cannot make in Seattle, we are committed to partnering as much as we can with other American producers. Our efforts are paying off. You'll find more Made in USA products in this catalog than ever. And you'll keep finding even more.

That's the Filson commitment.
View the Jacob Bromwell Copper Coffeepot
  • 207
Jacob Bromwell Copper Coffeepot
Style #69192 Made in USA
Handsome pure copper coffeepot based on an 1819 design
View the Jacob Bromwell U.S. Stamped Tin Cup
  • 040
Jacob Bromwell U.S. Stamped Tin Cup
Style #69193 Made in USA
A unique, versatile replication of a Civil War military cup
View the Log Carrier
  • 242
Log Carrier
Style #70280 Made in USA
Rugged, wear-resistant, water-repellent log carrier
View the Utility Apron
  • 251
Utility Apron
Style #30000 Made in USA
Ultra-durable, wear-resistant, water-repellent utility apron
View the Key Fob
  • 200
Key Fob
Style #69029 Made in USA
Bridle Leather key fob with corrosion-resistant brass ring
View the Flask
  • 200
  • 001
Style #69030 Made in USA
Stainless steel flask wrapped in durable Bridle Leather
View the Mackinaw Blanket
  • 023
  • 640
Mackinaw Blanket
Style #80110 Made in USA
Warm, soft, naturally water-repellent virgin wool blanket

Our Guarantee for Over 100 Years Has Never Changed

"We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction." — Clinton C. Filson, 1897

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