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View the Leather & Stainless Steel Flask
  • 200
  • 001
Leather & Stainless Steel Flask
Style #69030 Made in USA
Stainless steel flask wrapped in bridle leather - the best outdoor companion
View the Cover Cloth Umbrella
  • 341
Cover Cloth Umbrella
Style #69009
A classic style umbrella in Filson's highly water repellent Cover Cloth
View the Mackinaw Blanket
  • 023
  • 640
Mackinaw Blanket
Style #80110 Made in USA
Heavyweight wool for a supremely warm blanket
View the Oil Tin Wine Tote
  • 410
  • 341
  • 242
Oil Tin Wine Tote
Style #70109 Made in USA
Smart and sturdy wine tote bag built from our Rugged Twill and Genuine Bridle Leather
View the Dog Travel Mat
  • 242
Dog Travel Mat
Style #90124 Made in USA
For your dog on the cabin floor, in the kennel or in the field
View the Log Carrier
  • 242
  • 341
  • 200
Log Carrier
Style #70280 Made in USA
Our log carrier holds all the firewood you can handle
View the iPhone 5 Case
  • 211
  • 204
iPhone 5 Case
Style #65221 Made in USA
Pocket-sized leather iPhone 5 case opens like a book
View the Jacob Bromwell Copper Coffeepot
  • 207
Jacob Bromwell Copper Coffeepot
Style #69192 Made in USA
Handsome pure copper coffeepot based on an 1819 design
View the Two Tone Umbrella
  • 341
  • 598
Two Tone Umbrella
Style #69007
Repel rain in a lightweight, sturdy umbrella
View the Utility Apron
  • 251
Utility Apron
Style #30000 Made in USA
Ultra-durable, wear-resistant, water-repellent utility apron
View the Mackinaw Lap Robe with Carrying Strap
  • 343
  • 640
  • 421
Mackinaw Lap Robe with Carrying Strap
Style #30112 Made in USA
A truly warm, stadium-size throw blanket to carry anywhere
View the Mackinaw Wool Lap Robe
  • 023
  • 640
Mackinaw Wool Lap Robe
Style #80111 Made in USA
A perfectly sized fringed wool lap robe blanket for outdoor events
View the Cedar Hanger
  • 002
Cedar Hanger
Style #69032
A cedar hanger built for to protect even the heaviest wool Filson garments
View the Liberty Aluminum Water Bottle with Filson Logo
  • 345
Liberty Aluminum Water Bottle with Filson Logo
Style #30117 Made in USA
Threadless, wide mouth water bottle fits ice cubes and easy to clean
View the Leather Key Fob
  • 200
Leather Key Fob
Style #69029 Made in USA
Carry your keys in Filson style with our key fob
View the Stanley Classic Camp Mug
  • 300
Stanley Classic Camp Mug
Style #69191
An 18-oz. mug with double-wall stainless steel construction

Our Guarantee for Over 100 Years Has Never Changed

"We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction." — Clinton C. Filson, 1897

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